ai-di is the self-sovereign digital identity app for the inclusion of Project DIDI.


ai-di works as a digital document holder that allows you to:

Self-sovereign digital identity

With ai-diIn this way, people are the owners of their own data and they decide with whom to share it. Verified credentials about your digital identity, which is built with information about the person, are stored within the app.



Contact information


All credentials can be verified directly, easily and reliably thanks to blockchain technology. This system, also known as blockchain, is a database characterized by immutability of record, resistance to censorship and decentralization.


    The rondas, pasanakus, juntas, ruedas, panderos, pollas or vaquitas, are self-managed savings and financing systems that are widespread in different popular neighborhoods in Latin America.

    With the round app you will be able to:

    Create rounds with whomever you want, for the amount and time of your choice.

    Keep track of each round, shifts and paydays.

    Keep a record and financial history of each person.

    ronda works in an integrated way with ai-di

    Social and financial inclusion

    Keep track of your microcredit and access all the benefits of the program granted by the Microfinance Institution (MFI).

    With ai-di, manage your microcredit from your cell phone, easily and securely, and request appointments for the services offered from the MFI without leaving your home.