Regional Call for Proposals – DIDI Project

Implementation of self-sovereign digital identity (SSI) model for social inclusion developed by DIDI.



The IDB Group’s Innovation Lab (IDB Lab) and the Civil Association DECODES (NGO Bitcoin Argentina), through the DIDI Project, call to public, private and/or non-profit organizations and institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean that offer financial and/or social services, to submit proposals for the development of new use cases of the blockchain-based self-sovereign digital identity model developed by DIDI.. The winning projects will be realized through the awarding of non-refundable contributions from a fund in US dollars..

The models to be implemented will be self-sovereign digital identity models based on blockchain technology, such as ai-di, and will be open source and license free to use.

LACChain ‘s free blockchain infrastructure and identity tools deployed over the network are offered to eliminate transactional cost and ensure scalability of models.

    Who can participate?

    Public, private or non-profit organizations and institutions registered in one of the borrowing member countries of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) that provide financial or social services and have been in existence for at least one year.

    Proposals may be submitted jointly between an organization and a technology partner.

    For more details on the characteristics of the institutions to be convened, see point 2.2 in the Bases and Conditions.


    There will be two award categories

    USD 10,000

    Up to US$10,000

    between USD 10,000 and USD 50,000

    Between US$ 10,000 and US$ 50,000

    For more details on the characteristics of the institutions to be convened, see point 2.3 at
    Bases and conditions.

    How to participate?

    To register, please complete the following form:

    Advantages of ai-di for organizations and beneficiaries

    The ai-di digital wallet uses the Self-Sovereign Digital Identity Verifiable Credentials protocol, whose standards were defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

    Some of the advantages of ai-di for organizations and beneficiaries are:

      • Protection of user records and data: security, privacy, portability, retrieval and safeguarding of all information is guaranteed.
      • Ownership of the information: the beneficiaries will be the sole owners of the information.
        management of your credentials, choosing what type of information to share and with whom.
      • Generation and storage of credentials of beneficiaries: With social and economic data necessary to create the credentials that the organization considers relevant in order to contribute to the social inclusion of beneficiaries. The credentials may be used and shared with third parties and other institutions.
      • Scalability: based on the use of international protocols and universal technology, the implementation of the models to be developed is likely to be replicated and expanded in the future.
      • Digitization: digitize and computerize data and work processes.
      • Optimization: greater efficiency and speed in the management, access, information search and follow-up processes, ensuring greater traceability of information.
      • Record of behavior: Generates objective information on the behavior of the beneficiaries. If applicable, you can demonstrate a credit history and a verifiable financial and social reputation.
      • Accompanying inclusion and digital literacy processes: Training and advice will be provided on the use of digital tools, their advantages and possibilities for the beneficiaries.
      • Possibility of offering complementary services digitally and directly through the app, drastically reducing coordination and transaction costs, as well as identity validation processes.



      NGO Bitcoin Argentina


      NGO Bitcoin Argentina
      NGO Bitcoin Argentina

      If you have any doubts or questions about the application process, please contact us!