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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ai-di for?

ai-di works as a digital digital document holder for credentials that certify social, civic and economic data. issued by third parties (institutions or individuals). In this way, it allows you to prove that you are the bearer of certain attributes that have to do with your identity. In addition, with ai-di you can keep track of a microcredit and generate a credit record that you can share with other people or institutions.

What is a credential?

A credential is a document issued by an entity (the State, companies that provide services, financial entities, etc.) that corroborates information about its owner. For example, your social security card indicates that you are registered and can access services. Your credentials in ai-di are digital documents.They can be carried on your cell phone, certifying your trajectory and reputation.

What kind of credentials can I store in ai-di?

With ai-di you will be able to store credentials about your identity (National Identity Card), personal information and contact (e-mail, cell phone, address), labor (work and training), educational (studies and courses), housing (type of housing and its characteristics), and financial (credit and business history registry), among others.

Can my credentials be seen by other ai-di users?

No. All personal data are privateThe owner is the only person who has access. The blockchain technologytechnology, used in ai-diis a database that is characterized by the immutability of record immutability of registration, resistance to censorship and decentralizationwhich guarantees a private and secure use of your data.and secure use of your data.. In addition, only the cardholder can decide with whom to share his or her credentials.

What is a self-sovereign digital identity?

The digital identity is built with all the information published on the Internet about you and your actions on the network. This includes the profiles and users you created in the different social networks and virtual platforms, the personal data you entered, digital credentials, images, videos, news, comments, friendships, etc. Sovereignty over your digital identity means having control and deciding who can access and view your information.that is, that it is protected and cannot be disclosed without your consent. In addition, it should be easy to move and you can make use of it whenever you want. With ai-di only you are the owner of your information, your digital identity belongs to you and only you can access it and decide who you share it with.

What else can you do with ai-di?

Through the issuance of verifiable credentials, ai-di streamlines and simplifies the access to benefits and services (health (health, legal advice, courses and training, etc.) that are usually provided by different microfinance institutions or other service organizations.

What is a round?

round, pasanaku, junta, rueda, pandero, polla, vaquita, are some of the names used to designate a savings and financing system. savings and financing system widespread in different popular neighborhoods of Argentina and Latin America. It is played between people who belong to the same circle of trust. Every so often, defined by those playing the round, everyone deposits a certain amount of money into a pot and one person in the group takes the money collected. This is repeated until all participants receive the pot.

What is the round application for?

With round you will be able to organize and participate in rounds, meetings, cowgirls, cocks or pasarakus with whomever you want, for the amount and time of your choice. In addition, you will be able to make a tracking the round, registering your payments and obtaining credentials to validate your behavior during the round and gain a reputation as a good payer. Through notifications, round will send you reminders about payments, facilitating the management and development of the round.

Do I need to download ai-di to use round?

Yes, round works in an integrated ai-disince the credentials generated in round are stored in ai-di.

ai-di and ronda are free of charge?

Yes. The download and installation of ai-di and ronda is free of charge..

Can it be downloaded to any type of device?

ai-di works from Android 5.0 devices, and occupies a storage of 70 MB. round also runs on Android 5.0 devices, and occupies a storage of 60 MB.