This new digital identity application for inclusion makes it possible to organize rondas, pasanakus, juntas, ruedas, panderos, or vaquitas, which are self-managed savings and financing systems that are widespread in popular neighborhoods in Latin America.

What is a round?

A ronda, junta, vaquita, vaquita, polla, pasamanos or pasanaku is a form of collective savings and credit. It is played among people who belong to the same circle of trust and implies that, every certain period of time, defined by those who play the round, everyone deposits a certain amount of money in a well and one person in the group takes the money collected. This is repeated until all participants receive the pot.

What can you do with the round app?

round, which will work as an integrated part of ai-di, allows you to create and manage rounds with other people, for the amount and time of your choice; track each round, shifts and paydays; record payments and create credentials that validate your reputation as a good payer. In addition, it makes it possible to share the credentials generated with participants of new rounds, other people or institutions.

round, in first person

Angelina, rounds administrator and app user, tells in this video the advantages of using rounds and the generation of credentials that validate her behavior as a good payer.

    How to start using round?

    The following video details, step by step, how to download the round, how to use the application and how to create your first round and manage it.