Digital identity

The ai-di digital wallet uses the Self-Sovereign Digital Identity (SSI) verifiable credentials protocol, the standards for which were defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). In these models, as opposed to traditional identity systems, individuals are the sole owners of their identity, having control over how their personal data is shared and used.

What is Self-Sovereign Digital Identity?

Self-sovereign identity proposes sovereignty for the individual in the management and presentation to third parties of his personal data. These can be a digital passport, an academic degree, a property title, etc., which are stored in personal and portable digital wallets such as a mobile app. These innovative models guarantee the control, security and privacy of the data that make up the identity of individuals.

Verifiable credentials

Verifiable credentials

Verifiable credentials are digital accreditations that certify in a secure manner that a person is the bearer of certain attributes related to his or her identity. These can be: national identity card, contact information (e-mail, telephone, address), an educational or employment certificate, a financial record, a property title, etc.

Portability and safeguarding of information

The credentials are stored in the account and the user can view and share them from their cell phone.

Immutability of information

Credentials cannot be modified.


It is not necessary to return to the issuer of the credential to verify its authenticity.

Credential verification process

In SSI models on blockchain, the data verification process is performed on decentralized records of information. The issuer of the credentials that make up the person’s digital identity leaves on the blockchain the cryptographic evidence so that third parties or other institutions can verify the credential presented by the individual in a fast, simple and secure way, thus strongly reducing the costs of identity validation processes.

How to start using ai-di?

The following video details, step by step, how to download ai-di, create a user and validate our identity to start using the app.