We are the first self-sovereign digital identity project in Argentina.

Our goal is to improve levels of trust and to break down some of the socioeconomic and financial barriers that impede access to quality goods and services for vulnerable populations.


We work with inhabitants of emerging neighborhoods in the Federal Capital and Greater Buenos Aires (Argentina), focusing on technological innovation, digital identity and financial inclusion. In addition, we provide training to improve the knowledge and use of different technological tools that are useful for the project beneficiaries.


We create innovative solutions to reduce information asymmetry information asymmetry and generate financial inclusion.

DIDI Project is driven by the NGO Bitcoin Argentina together with BID Lab with the support of LACChain, IOV Labs (RSK Smart Contracts + RIF), NEC Argentina, Alianza Blockchain Iberoamérica, Azure, Programa Semillas, Accenture Argentina, Blockchain Federal Argentina and Wicklow Capital.